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Does the E85 Eco-system kit work in cold weather?

The Eco-system kit has a microprocessor with an outside temperature sensor to facilitate cold starting at negative temperatures.

Does Ethanol damage your engine?

No, there are currently more than 20,000 vehicles running with the Eco-system kit in more than 27 countries. There was no feedback on premature wear of the vehicles due to the conversion. In fact, because ethanol is purer than unleaded gasoline, the life of your engine is extended. 

Concerning fuel hoses and pumps, all vehicles produced since 1990 have materials designed for polyfuels, thus making it possible to accept any type of fuel. Do you know that there is already ethanol in gasoline (ex: E10, E20 or E50)?

The Eco-system E85 kit fits on which petrol car?

Yes, the Eco-system E85 kit adapts to most vehicles equipped with multipoint injectors, running on unleaded petrol, from E10 to E50. Catalyzed or not. As you can see, the Eco-System E85 kit is the only box to run a car without catalysis. Of course, you must have a vehicle in good working order (up-to-date service).

Does the Eco-system E85 kit modify the power of my car?


Bioethanol contains more octane than most gasoline (105 instead of 87,91 95 or 98 for gasoline), your power will be more powerful. you will find a smoother vehicle with a significant reduction in knocking . Can we mix gasoline and ethanol? Yes, the Eco-system kit allows your engine to accept any type of pure superethanol, mixed ethanol/gasoline or just gasoline fuel mixture. There is no second tank, ethanol and unleaded 87-91 E10, E20, E50, E100 are perfectly compatible.

Does the Eco-system E85 Kit modify the ECU data?

No, the Eco-system E85 kit does not modify your ECU data. The E85 unit processes the data from your ECU and retransmits it to your engine to allow optimal conversion to bioethanol, or any mixture of the two fuels. The vehicle continues to be controlled by the lambda probe and the original ECU, but in such a way as to allow the efficient consumption of bioethanol.


Is the Eco-system E85 kit certified?

Our E85 enclosures comply with CE and RoHS standards , in accordance with European Directive 72/245/EEC of June 20, 1972, as amended by 2009/19/EEC.


Can you sell your car with or without a kit?

The Eco-system E85 kit can be completely disassembled leaving the vehicle unchanged. The kit can be reused on any compatible vehicle. 


How to maintain a car running on ethanol?

After installing the E85 unit, it is advisable to change the fuel filter after 1000 km to E85. Ethanol drier than gasoline, has a cleaning effect. Carbon deposits may clog the fuel filter. Once this change is made, you can follow the recommendations recommended by your manufacturer. 

To improve cold starting, you can change your spark plugs for hot spark plugs (irridium).

Why is my check engine light on my dashboard?

Generally, when a warning light comes on on your dashboard, this implies a combustion problem (air/fuel mixture too lean or too rich) or an intensity problem at the injector outlet. Here are the solutions:

On 90% of vehicles, the warning light does not come on with the Eco-system E85 kit.

On 5% of vehicles, it may be that after installing the Eco-system E85 kit, a warning light on your dashboard comes on. This is completely normal because it takes some time for some vehicles (more complex computer) to recognize the Eco-system E85 kit, hence the importance of running in. Generally, the light goes out after a distance of 500 to 1000 kms.

On 3% of the vehicles, it is necessary to reset. (reset the on-board computer, disconnect the battery for 5 to 10 minutes, go to the diagnostic case, or redo an adjustment of the Eco-system E85 kit).

On 2% of vehicles, it will not go out despite these manipulations but there is no danger for your vehicle, it will simply be display bug.

Why does the Eco-system E85 kit have such an attractive price?

Why sell an E85 Kit at 500 euros or more, when the electronic system of the unit is simple. Our E85 kits act on the opening time of the injectors and on the richness of your carburation within the safety limit imposed by the manufacturers, which allows you to run on 100% ethanol without risk to your engine.

Why sell it at a price of a smartphone (Top of the range) or a laptop containing more complex electronic components?

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