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 How to choose your E85 kit?


 Here are some tips for selecting a quality E85 Kit:

  • Choose an E85 kit that plugs into the injectors for better accuracy. They make it possible to divert the message transmitted by your ECU (without modifying it), the E85 kit retransmits it by increasing the flow rate of the injectors, while keeping a safety margin imposed by the manufacturers. (The E85 kits connecting to the lambda probe with sensors, upstream of the computer deceive your computer by modifying the message), you risk damaging your vehicle.
  • Choose an E85 kit with an outside temperature sensor . Indeed, E85 kits that do not have a temperature sensor do not have a cold start device and are forced to enrich your vehicle too much when starting when the temperatures are low, so you risk damaging your vehicle. These kits are made in China have only one adjustment screw and are of poor quality.
  • Choose an E85 kit with a 100% automatic system, FlexFuel, with CE and RoHS standards, a guarantee of confidence and quality.
  • Choose an E85 kit with ultra-resistant components. The Eco-system E85 v3 kit  has the most resistant components on the market. Therefore, thanks to its updated technology (more accurate air/fuel ratio), the Eco-system E85 v3 kit provides better fuel economy compared to the Eco-system E85 v2 kit .
  • Choose an E85 with a technical service, an after-sales service that can be reached (facilitated in the event of information, complaints or assembly assistance) and with advice from consumers in full transparency. (We work with a guaranteed opinion company, our customer opinions are controlled by AFNOR).

  • Fuel detection probe (ethanol sensor): False good idea

    Technically, the implementation would not be a problem. However, after extensive testing, we have decided that the resulting costs are currently disproportionate to the savings achieved.
    This only results in better response times in milliseconds, i.e. in the first seconds until the lambda probe is at operating temperature. Also, installation without a fuel sensor is easier, faster, much less expensive and less dangerous (removing a fuel hose is a fairly delicate operation to perform).
    The fuel sensor or the ethanol sensor (marketing name) is not essential to the installation to drive with 100% super ethanol. A switch (Gasoline/E85) and tweaked settings are simpler systems for your vehicle to be flexfuel.

  • Automatic fuel detection 

    Fuel detection also works after a conversion using the lambda probe and your ECU.
    Without an ethanol kit, your computer has a range where it can accept E85, beyond this range (generally more than 50% E85), you may have problems with your vehicle (cold start problem, loss of power, increased overconsumption), an engine light will come on on your dashboard.
    Our kit will allow your vehicle to run on 100% E85 by increasing the opening time of your injectors within the limit imposed by the manufacturer (generally from 15% to 30% more because ethanol is less calorific than ethanol). gasoline), respecting the strategy of your ECU so as not to turn on the engine light on your dashboard.
    If you drive more often with gasoline, we recommend, to avoid unnecessary additional consumption, to be equipped with the Eco-system E85 v3 kit  because it has a switch. 

Warning: Driving with E85 in a petrol car without an E85 Kit is strongly discouraged. You risk causing irreversible damage to your car (fuel pump, injectors, engine).

Comparative table of E85 kits

E85 kit (Other brands)Eco-system E85 v2 kit Eco-system E85 v3 kit
ManufacturingChina (90% of cases)Europe Europe
Coating boxPVCPVCAluminum
Accuracy of air/fuel ratio3/107/109/10
Cold start accuracy1/106/109/10
Hot Start Accuracy1/106/109/10
Finishing quality2/106/109/10
temperature sensorNoYesYes
Connector mounted on the E85 KitNo NoYes
Auto PolarityNoNoYes
Fuel management100% Auto100% Auto100% Auto
Detachable cableNoNoYes
Overconsumption of E85from 25% to 50%from 20% to 30%from 15% to 25%
Availablity1 to 12 cylinders1 to 12 cylinders1 to 12 cylinders
Guarantee0 to 3 years2 years 5 years
Pricefrom 50 to $500From $218.49From $280.14